Submitting Listings to WIK:

WIK is a business directory for businesses and/or organisations physically located in Kigali, Rwanda. Businesses and/or organisations not located within Kigali will not be listed.

   All new listings should be submitted via the “Add Place” page. Submitting a new listing does not guarantee that it will be published on WIK; this remains solely at the discretion of WIK. 

   All listing submissions will be reviewed individually prior to publishing. WIK will take the liberty of correcting spelling and/or grammar errors contained in submissions, and will inform the sender of this upon confirmation of listing publication.




Should a business and/or organisation that is listed on WIK wish to have the listing REMOVED or AMENDED, a request should be sent to info@whereinkigali.com. Such requests will be seen to as soon as possible.


NB: No businesses and/or services that are harmful or defamatory to any person, in any way, will be listed on WIK. Should correspondence regarding questionable business practices be received by WIK, in relation to any business and/or organisation listed on WIK, it is at the discretion of WIK to remove the listing for review.

Business Information

WIK is a registered Business, as registered with the Rwanda Development Board (rdb.rw) under the following details:


TIN Number: 108877873


NOTE: For the purpose of this website, the name WHEREINKIGALI is used interchangeably with the abbreviation “WIK”. WIK is not the official registered name.


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Contact details

Contact details for any purposes related to these terms and conditions:
Phone: (250) 787 757 388
E-mail: info@whereinkigali.com