Terms and Conditions

WHEREINKIGALI is a products and services listing website.  Products and services listed have been included solely for the purpose of informing and are not necessarily to be taken as recommendations.  Should a visitor make use of a product/service listed on WHEREINKIGALI and not be satisfied, he or she should contact the business in question; he/she can also provide a review for any product/service on WHEREINKIGALI.

Submitting a listing and having it displayed on WHEREINKIGALI as a general listing is completely free of charge. All businesses listed must have a physical address or conduct business in Kigali, Rwanda.

All information received through submissions and/or communications with WHEREINKIGALI will be treated as strictly confidential, with the exception of the information required for a business to be published as a listing.  Please allow up to 3 working days for submitted listings to reflect on WHEREINKIGALI, from the time of submitting (pending approval). 

Any correspondence with regards to these matters can be sent to info@whereinkigali.com.